With Sony Pictures and Disney/Marvel at odds with the future of Spider-Man movies, there is a new tidbit coming out from Variety’s Justin Kroll that suggests that future spinoffs including Venom 2 could end up given an R-rating.

“Haven’t had time to weigh in on SPIDEY yet but one thing that sticks out is the possibility of getting R-rated films in that universe including VENOM 2 now that there is no Disney connection. Sony had considered a R-rated VENOM but passed in fear cross-over chances would be hurt.”

There had been rumblings originally that Sony had considered making Venom R-rated, as supported here by Variety, but they ultimately passed to allow potential crossovers with the MCU.

Venom 2 being R-rated would make sense given the violent nature of villain Carnage and could help give the sequel a mature edge that the original movie was lacking.

Other projects include the vampire flick Morbius (already shot), Kraven The Hunter, and Nightwatch.

We’ll have to wait and see if Marvel/Sony ultimately will end their deal completely, but I’m going to cross my fingers they end up getting Phil Lord and Chris Miller as producers after landing an Oscar for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Morbius is currently in post-production and Venom 2 directed by Andy Serkis is expected to begin filming this November.


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