Avengers: Infinity War was pedal to the metal, right from the start. The film literally opens with Thanos attacking the Asgardian refugee ship, something we saw set up in Thor: Ragnarok‘s post-credit scene. Despite that set-up, the scene left us with more questions than answers. Case in point: Where was Valkyrie? 

Most people naturally assumed that Tessa Thompson’s fierce Asgardian warrior had simply died in the attack. The same fate seemed likely for also-unseen Ragnarok supporting characters Korg and Miek. Instead, it looks like that’s not the case. According to director Joe Russo, Valkyrie survived the attack.

In one of the more interesting stops on this Avengers: Infinity War promotional tour, Joe did a Q&A session this week at an Iowa high school. Unsurprisingly, he was obviously asked many questions about the massive Marvel film, but more than a few questions hinged on the Asgardian attack sequence that opened the movie.



During the session, Russo confirmed that yes, Valkyrie and others on board the Asgardian ship survived. He claims they made their escape in pods, something we didn’t see on screen. Whether or not that’ll be addressed in Avengers 4 or not, we don’t know, but it seems like an odd clarification if it’s not going to come back in any way. 

Given that half the universe was wiped out, if she survived Thanos’ snap of the fingers, she definitely would be a big help to the remaining Avengers. But, we’ll just have to wait and see if that team up is in the cards. 

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