We’ve been excited to see what happens with 20th Century Fox’s Escape From New York origin/reboot film that jumped to the studio after previously being developed at Lionsgate for years. Fox had originally hired Alita: Battle Angel director Robert Rodriguez to tackle the John Carpenter property, which had John’s blessing.

However, TheHollywoodReporter reveals that Upgrade director Leigh Whannell has been hired to rewrite the film’s script and could possibly direct as well. Although, if he directs that certainly means he would be replacing Robert Rodriguez.

AN ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake is back on the front-burner at Fox. The studio has hired Leigh Whannell, who co-created the Saw and Insidious franchises and was behind the cool Blumhouse sci-hi thriller Upgrade, to write…and possibly direct…the project.

Whannell will write the script for the remake of the John Carpenter 1980s classic. Sources say that while there is no deal for him to direct, the door is open for that possibility. Whannell, however, is kickstarting Escape with a new vision for the project that sources say will retain elements of the original but bring new ideas to the table. One of Whannell’s goals is to avoid the bloated tentpole remake path that afflicted the reboots of other 1980s-era movies such as Robocop and Total Recall.

It’s an interesting move on the part of 20th Century Fox as Leigh recently was announced as attaching himself to a Blumhouse produced a remake of classic horror film The Invisible Man for Universal Pictures, seemingly ending the Dark Universe and taking a second crack at it with real horror people.

Previous incarnations would see the film a prequel of sorts and see a younger version of Snake Plissken with these new rewrites it’s a little unclear if Leigh will

Recently, Escape From New York co-creator Nick Castle recently revealed his hope that John Carpenter would get involved creatively with the project. Blumhouse’s success with their Halloween sequel gives an excellent example of why it might be a good idea to get Carpenter involved and his full-throated blessing.

There is a good chance Leigh may end up reaching out to John.

In 1997, a major war between the United States and the Soviet Union is concluding, and the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a giant maximum security prison. When Air Force One is hijacked and crashes into the island, the president (Donald Pleasence) is taken hostage by a group of inmates. Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a former Special Forces soldier turned criminal, is recruited to retrieve the president in exchange for his own freedom.


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