In 2015, it was announced that Selma star David Oyelowo was in talks to produce and direct the Disney film The Water Man, alongside Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films. Now, after many delays, we finally have an update to share.

We have learned that the film will begin production this April and is expected to wrap sometime in June. Oyelowo will star and now officially make his directorial debut on the project. Oyelowo will direct off a script from Emily Needell (Tick Tock).

The Water Man is a magical family drama about a precocious young boy Gunner who, in order to save his ill mother, runs away from home to find a mythic/legendary character called The Water Man, who has been rumored to be able to cheat death. While extremely close to his mother, he and his father Amos have an adversarial relationship and are forced to learn about each other as Amos goes on the search for his son.

The movie is said to have elements of Stand By Me mixed with the tonal ambition of classic Steven Spielberg films like E.T and Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

There is currently no release date set as of now, and it is not known if the house of mouse plans to release this theatrically or through their direct-to-consumer streaming platform Disney+. Stay with us here as we update you on the project as news comes.

Source: HN Entertainment

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