We know that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier begins filming this October in Atlanta, Georgia while some others like Loki had been a little bit of a mystery, until now.

While promoting his Broadway debut in Beytral, Tom Hiddleston revealed to EntertainmentWeekly that his Marvel Studios series Loki will begin filming in early 2020.

HIDDLESTON: “Loki will start at the top of next year. He’s such a classical character. [Thor and Loki], they’re from Norse myths — they have a kind of gravitas to them. Robert in Betrayal is much more earthbound. They’re both very complex, but Robert is a publisher and a husband and a father. Loki is the god of mischief. [Laughs] Two quite different figures.”

Marvel Studios confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Loki will be released sometime in Spring 2021.

The only person we currently know working the show is creator/writer/producer Michael Waldon, who wrote on Rick and Morty.

A teaser image from the Disney investors presentation revealed Loki in New York City during 1975, confirming that the movie will see the god of mischief time jumping in the series.


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