TheHollywoodReporter has revealed that Todd Phillips met with Warner Bros. last month and proposed to get the rights to develop a batch of origin films featuring various DC Comics characters.

On Oct. 7, Joker director Todd Phillips headed into Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich’s office, buoyed by the film’s $96.2 million opening-weekend haul. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter he proposed an outsized idea — the rights to develop a portfolio of DC characters’ origin stories.

What those other projects he purposed to WB are currently unknown, but there are plenty of villains and anti-heroes that could be explored in lower budgeted character pieces.

However, they do add that Todd is now in talks to direct a sequel to Joker.

Emmerich balked. After all, Warner Bros. is very protective of the DC canon. And all other DC deals have been for one film, and one film only. But Phillips did emerge from the meeting with the rights to at least one other DC story, sources say. And now that Joker has crossed the $1 billion mark, a sequel is on the way. As the movie keeps raking in money overseas, Phillips is in talks to reprise his role as director for a second Joker outing (he and Scott Silver, who penned the gritty Joker screenplay, will write the follow-up), THR has learned.

This isn’t terribly shocking as they point out that Joaquin Phoenix has an option for a sequel and after the film earned a billion dollars was most likely going to get a second film.

Warners has sequel options in place for Joker star Joaquin Phoenix…

Both Phoenix and Phillips have stated publicly they would be interested in returning if the sequel was worthwhile.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next and if WB will let Todd develop a wave of these origin movies.

I’d personally like to see them tackle a Slade Wilson/Deathstroke movie set during the Vietnam War, but that’s just me.


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