Lucifer is an addicting supernatural crime-drama that aired on Fox for its first three seasons. The show was canceled shortly after the season three finale due to low ratings. However, just like in the Bible, there was news of a second coming.

Once fans got word of Lucifer’s end, they ran to the internet to protest the popular show’s cancellation. Fans created such an uproar over the cancellation it caused external platforms to look into reviving the show for themselves. Netflix was the one who claimed Lucifer for itself.

While this is not the first time another channel or streaming service has picked up another canceled property, Netflix in the past picked up Longmire when A&E placed it on the chopping block. However, what is unique about Lucifer’s situation is the magnitude of it all. There has not been a situation like this that created hashtags as well as online petitions, that resulted in the fans getting what they wanted.

With the move from Fox to Netflix, Season 4 of Lucifer is guaranteed to be more narrative focused compared to its first three seasons that contained twenty-three episodes of pointless and often forgetful episodes. This focus will allow the show to finally find its identity and become taken seriously as a fast-paced series rather than being forced to crawl through eighteen episodes to finally get to the good stuff. 

As streaming services continue to form and grow, the television industry needs to adapt and understand that simply because a show does not have strong ratings, it does not mean it is a poor show. This fan-fought victory may have just started a trend where streaming platforms will pick up shows if fans fight hard enough rather than letting favorite shows die simply because the rating was low. 

Season 4 of Lucifer premiered on Netflix May 9, 2019.

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