Teen Titans…no? Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have confirmed that Titans, the first live-action series developed for their new DC Universe streaming service, will not be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

The announcement comes as something of a surprise. The series has been in development for several months, and was seen as the flagship for the new platform which is reportedly planning to launch in late August. Many assumed the series would be one of several launch titles for the streaming service, alongside Young Justice: Outsiders.

In a surprising twist, Young Justice: Outsiders will have a presence at the convention. The series hosted a panel last year, and showed off a first look at concept art for the animated series’ long-awaited third season. Outsiders being displayed and Titans being absent has led some to speculate that the live-action series might have been delayed, but no official word has been released as of yet.


Titans made headlines in early April when set photos seemingly showing the series’ central characters in costume hit the internet. While a first look at Brenton Thwaites’ leading role of Robin provided fans with hope, the behind-the-scenes pictures were met with mixed reactions at best. Fans reacted particularly negatively to the appearance of Starfire and Beast Boy. Starfire, portrayed by Anna Diop, didn’t have her iconic orange skin, while Beast Boy, played by Ryan Potter, simply had green hair instead of being entirely green as he is typically portrayed.

In what looks to be something of a down year for the convention, DC could be poised to dominate. The company is expected to have a large presence to discuss its upcoming films, and is planning an aggressive presence for its television offerings. Recently it was revealed that Marvel Studios would be skipping the event entirely, opting not to host panels for Captain Marvel or Avengers 4. HBO also announced that they will not be at the convention, declining to show their hands for Game of Thrones’ upcoming final season or Westworld, which just wrapped its second season on Sunday.

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