With excitement building for Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has kept a tight lid on spoilers. The Russo Brothers have even teased that only the first 20-30 minutes of footage was utilized for the trailers, which could include fake scenes like Infinity War promotional material did. This has made dissecting trailers for information harder, although some gems are present with enough digging.

One moment from the most recent Avengers: Endgame trailer was a battle featuring characters such as Captain America, Nebula, Ant-Man, and presumably many more. While the location of this battle isn’t confirmed, it’s assumed that the battle is on Earth and likely at the Avengers HQ. The reason for this speculation is that Ant-Man during this battle scene jumps off a pencil, which isn’t an object expected on a place off-world.

This also appears to be the same sequence featuring Captain America tightening his shield straps, urging some people to believe this will be his “last stand” moment. While it’s unlikely Captain America would be killed off early in the film (first 20 min of footage in trailers), it could be an explanation for why certain Captain America toys and set leaks feature Captain America in his outfit from the first Avengers film.

In these scenes he also appears clean-shaven, indicating this moment takes place after the time-skip or at least after the presumed first act of the film. Having Captain America die in battle before properly reconciling with Tony would definitely add an emotional toll on the already high-stakes film. However, it’s unlikely that our favorite super-soldier will die at this moment based on later footage in the trailer.

With Nebula, she seems to give the feeling that she’s fighting Thanos. This is because there’s no other character currently involved with the narrative of Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame that Nebula wants to kill. Her acting in the brief moment we see of her shows her full of rage yet also in her old outfit. By this I mean her outfit from Avengers: Infinity War when she arrives on Titan.

Considering how she appears later in the trailer wearing the Advanced Tech suits, it’s likely that this moment is before any Quantum Realm adventures. On the other hand, it’s very possible that The Avengers’ actions with the Advanced Tech suits and Quantum Realm caused Thanos to attack the Avengers HQ. This would be an interesting set of events and one can only speculate if anyone survives such an attack from a presumed enraged Thanos.

Comment below with your thoughts, do you think Thanos will return to Earth for another battle? Let us know your thoughts down below and we’ll catch you guys on the next editorial!

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