During a recent sit down with Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, they talked to SyFyWire about their desire to see Doctor Doom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with revealing that they’d also like to see Spider-Man baddie Kraven The Hunter.

Interesting enough, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler wanted to use Kraven at some point in his film.

SYFY: If you could pick any big bad from Marvel’s comics to being, now that we have, you know, after all the Fox stuff, you have such a large universe to work with, who would you pick?

JOE: “Doctor Doom.”

ANTHONY: “Hmmm. Yeah, Doctor Doom.”

SYFY: Why?

JOE: “Doctor Doom or Kraven The Hunter.”

“I mean, Kraven because I just love that storyline I think that Spider-Man/Kraven arc would be pretty amazing to see. Uh, and I think the tone of that would be super cool.”

“And then Doctor Doom, I just love the sort of Shakespearean mythology behind him as a character and he’s another fascinating character that, you know, he’s had different interpretations in the books, so I think could shade him in really complex ways.”

We do know that Sony Pictures is currently developing a solo Kraven film with a script penned by screenwriter Richard Wenk (The Equalizer 1-2, The Expendables 2), who is also working on a reboot of Universal Solider.

It remains to be seen if Ryan Coogler will ask again to use Kraven in Black Panther 2 or if we’ll end up seeing him in a third Spider-Man film. He’s certainly a huge crossover villain, not unlike Norman Osborn and could certainly make sense to pop-up in both Sony/Marvel Studios films.

Avengers: Endgame will be released on April 26th.


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