‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ Comic Book Might Support ‘Star Wars 2022’ Rumor By Referring To The High Republic Era

Recently, it was rumored by fansite Ziro.hu (backed-up by MakingStarWars) that Star Wars 2022 would be (video game/books/film/films being referred to Project Luminous) set during the High Republic Era taking place 300-400 years before the Skywalker Saga, which might feature a younger version of Yoda as he’s training Jedi during this time.

The plot would involve a group of Jedi setting out to explore the then-unknown regions of the Galaxy (Timothy Zahn’s Outbound Flight might come into mind, which also deals with the Jedi exploring what lies outside the edges of the Galaxy). According to our informant, the Jedi would get involved in numerous adventures and conflicts with three different types of enemies, the darkest being ancient evils, Sith gods of some sort.

There have been reports from trades that Lucasfilm will officially announce their plans for Star Wars 2022 this month, however, Luminous/High Republic has yet to be made official, so take these rumblings with a grain of salt (nothing is official until Lucasfilm makes it so).

Interesting enough, the Marvel Comics prequel story The Rise of Kylo Ren features a young Ben Solo’s journey to the Darkside and features Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren that happens to be from the Unknown Regions.

The most recent issue #2 (via Polygon) has Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow’s character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) accompanying Luke and Ben on a mission to collect Jedi artefacts and its when Lor starts referring to the location (a Jedi temple) near the Unknown Regions as being from the High Republic Era (this seems to be the first instance of it officially being referred to).

BEN SOLO (speaking telepathically with Snoke): “I’m fine, Snoke. Just off on yet another mission with Master Skywalker to find Jedi artefacts. Lor San Tekka’s here too. He thinks he found something on the edge of the Outer Rim. Almost to the Unknown Regions.”

LOR SAN TEKKA: “It’s probably High Republic Era. It was a time of greatly expanded Jedi activity throughout the galaxy.”


You might remember that Lor San Tekka in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the one who gave Poe Dameron the map to Luke Skywalker that became that film’s McGuffin (object of interest) and was ultimately killed by Kylo Ren on Jakku.

A legendary traveler and explorer, Lor San Tekka was a longtime ally of the New Republic and the Resistance. After the Battle of Endor, San Tekka helped Luke Skywalker recover secret Jedi lore that the Empire had tried to erase. He then retired to live simply on Jakku, where he followed the dictates of the once-forbidden Church of the Force. Leia Organa sent Poe Dameron in search of San Tekka, who gave him a portion of a map revealing Luke’s planet of exile. San Tekka was then killed by Kylo Ren, who sought the same information.

Could the two sites have just had simply stumbled upon tidbits about this comic book run or does this help support their rumor that the High Republic Era will indeed be covered in new movies as Lucasfilm’s post-Skywalker Saga plans?

However, it should be noted outside of the name drop they didn’t drop timeline details unless that will be further revealed in upcoming issues.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Lucasfilm announces.

The next Star Wars film is officially set for release on December 16th, 2022.


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