Moviefone was able to speak with The Predator screenwriter Fred Dekker about the third act reshoots and original idea of why the Predator emissaries were on Earth helping humans. Something that was pretty much removed from the movie in reshoots, although some of that stuff stayed in the promotional materials like posters.

DEKKER: “So our idea was that their planet is dying. And so they’ve decided to take what previously was explored, which is to dope up creatures with the DNA of other types of predators from alien worlds and create new targets for their hunt. But now they realized, well, hey, we need maybe to upgrade ourselves just to survive. And then they go to themselves, well, hey, earth is warming up. We like a warm environment. Maybe we should move in.”

“So the premise of the movie is that in the third act was these two predators come aboard the ship and everybody’s freaking out and the predators actually want to communicate. They want to say, ‘Hey, we’ve got a problem, you have a problem. Maybe we should team up’.”

Dekker seemingly explains what that third act would have looked like and seemingly says that neither himself or Shane Black really had much to do with writing the reshoots.

DEKKER: “So that whole convoy was trying to get the emissaries to the ship to get away and they were going to be chased by A, the upgrade who we meet in the finished version of the movie and B, and this was a huge change from our initial premise, is that at the beginning of the movie, you see the first Predator that shows up in the movie. He leaves the ship and we push in on this container in the, in the ship. And what they ended up with was the terrible ending that I have nothing to do with it. Shane didn’t write either. That was sort of someone decided it was a good idea.”

“There’s something on the ship. Well, originally there was a whole bunch of those in the ship. And what those were was those were the gestating hybrids. Essentially what they were nurturing and growing in these pods were the hybrids of Predator DNA mixed with the DNA of creatures from all over the galaxy that would enable them to basically eradicate mankind so that they could populate it themselves. And so the convoy chase, the idea was that it would be all of our heroes on these badass, big military vehicles and the upgrade releases the hybrids and chases them and the hybrids jump onto the convoy. And it’s a big, rootin’, tootin’ fantastic action sequence.”

Fred also commented on the ending and it sounds like things were rushed slightly.

DEKKER: “We shot it. I wrote that very last line. But I wasn’t happy about it. The whole thing seemed to not be in step with that particular franchise. It was one of many ideas that we floated and shot.”

The special effects team on the film posted a couple of behind the scenes images of a stunt woman dressed up as both Ellen Ripley and Newt from Aliens. Where they would be in the predator weapon cocoon instead of the advanced armor. Dekker confirmed that is indeed what the scene was, but they didn’t end up using it.

DEKKER: “We shot a version where Ripley was in the cocoon and we shot one where Newt from Aliens was in the cocoon. Sigourney didn’t want to clear any future for Ripley in the franchise and ultimately I don’t think anybody remembers Newt well enough for that to have meant anything.”

It kind of sucks that we’ll likely never see that original third act and that we’ll likely have to wait a long time before we get another feature film because of The Predator’s disappointing box office.


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