Way back in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 in 1964, Mysterio first appeared hyped up to the next big threat for Spider-Man. Mysterio has appeared in almost every small screen incarnation of Spider-Man. A founding member of the Sinister Six, he’s one of Spider-Man’s most clever villains. There have been other Mysterio’s since the original but neither successor made a heavy impact on the character’s history. In this ‘Origins’ episode, we’re going to explore the original Mysterio along with his two successors. Quentin Beck’s Mysterio will make an appearance in the MCU in Spider-Man: Far From Home, played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal.


Mysterio #1: Quentin Beck

The original Mysterio was Quentin Beck, born in Riverside, California. Working as a stuntman in Hollywood, Beck was also gifted in special effects production. Constantly overlooked for his top-tier work in the industry, he began dreaming of ways to gain attention & fame. His initial plan involved becoming an actor, however, he lacked the acting talent or looks to succeed. After some thinking on how to achieve fame quickly with his talents he decided to defeat Spider-Man & take over as a costume hero. To hide his identity, he created the Mysterio persona as a master of mysticism. After faking multiple crimes as Spider-Man to paint him in a negative light Mysterio began appearing publicly as a crime fighter to defeat Spider-Man. Spider-Man ends up exposing him which crushes his dreams of being a costumed hero & instead Mysterio becomes a supervillain. Shortly after he joined Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, & Electro in forming the Sinister Six.


Mysterio #2: Daniel Berkhart

The second Mysterio, Daniel Berkhart, was the cellmate of Quentin Beck. During their mutual time in prison Berkhart learned many of Beck’s illusionary tricks. He was later hired by J. Jonah Jameson to impersonate the ghost of Mysterio, after Beck’s assumed death, but failed. He eventually became the third version of Jack O’Lantern with Quentin Beck’s cousin Macguire Beck. Eventually he returned to the alias of Mysterio & did nothing impactful with it.


Mysterio #3: Francis Klum

The third Mysterio, Francis Klum, was a mutant due to genetic experiments conducted on his parents by Nazi scientists. He was bullied for being Jewish & abused by his brother Garrison who could teleport small objects short distances. His brother forces him to operate in the selling of illegal drugs by having Francis pursued people to buy the drugs while Garrison teleports the drugs directly into their body. Eventually Francis kills his brother when he almost rapes Black Cat. He’s later with her talking on the bridge Gwen Stacy died on which triggers Spider-Man to lose control. Spider-Man’s attack on Francis resulted in him having permanent scars, multiple bruises, & a shattered leg. This caused Francis to develop a hatred for Spider-Man urging him to pose as a non-superhuman foe of his in order to surprise Spider-Man when he does use his abilities. He bought an extra Mysterio suit that Daniel Berkhart, the second Mysterio, sold to Kingpin & targeted Peter Parker once his identity was revealed in Civil War as the new Mysterio.



Quentin Beck’s Mysterio has no biological superhuman abilities but multiple gadgets, tricks, & illusions to help portray an alias as a master of mysticism. He has genius-level inventions in engineering & chemistry. This came in the form of his various androids, hallucinogenic gases, holographic projections, & the technology in his suit. He also has a gas to neutralize Spider-Man’s spider-sense. Two of his androids were so advanced they were mistaken for actual living beings. The first was an android he made to travel to the Ultimate Universe, which was used by Quentin Beck to attempt overthrowing the criminal underworld. The other android was his “daughter” named Misty Beck aka Mysteria. She was life-like to the point she actually studied & became an expert in real magic.

The suit allows him up to a 30-minute supply of air & his boots are specially designed to enhance his leaping & running speed. His speech modulator also gives his speech patterns hypnotic & “mind-bending” properties according to dialogue from the comics. He also has technology in the suit allowing him to teleport & disrupt surrounding electronics similar to an EMP.

The second Mysterio also had no biological superhuman abilities but was more athletic than Quentin Beck.

The third Mysterio, Francis Klum, was a mutant with the abilities of teleportation, telepathic suggestion, & telekinesis. His teleportation was unique as he could not only teleport himself but objects however it drained his stamina doing so rapidly. His ability to persuade was powerful enough to force someone to commit suicide. Due to his drug dealing history, Francis had experience in the manufacturing of drugs & general chemistry.

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