With the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, many viewers were introduced to Miles Morales aka the successor of Peter Parker in the Earth-1610 Marvel Universe aka Ultimate Universe. Miles Morales was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis & artist Sara Pichelli in late 2011 as Ultimate Peter Parker was given a death as the hands of Ultimate Green Goblin.

In interviews, Bendis claimed he had heavy inspiration for Miles as a minority when he saw Donald Glover in a Spider-Man outfit during an episode of NBC’s Community, which was a joke based upon the Donald for Spider-Man campaign. Since his introduction, Miles has appeared in TV shows, video games, various comic titles, & now have been the lead character of a major film.

Miles’s history is originally based in the Ultimate 1610 Marvel Universe until Spider-Man Annual #1 in August 2018. This issue featured a new history for Miles Morales fully integrating him into the 616 Universe timeline.

Miles Gonzalo Morales is the son of Jefferson Davis, a police officer and ex-SHIELD agent. His mother, Rio Morales, worked as a nurse. Living in Brooklyn, New York, Miles was selected by a lottery to attend Brooklyn Visions Academy. During Miles’ junior year of high school his Uncle Aaron, secretly a supervillain called The Prowler at the time, stole a genetically modified spider. This spider bit Miles giving him various spider-based abilities similar to Peter Parker.

Initially he didn’t publicly use his abilities until the events of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. While Miles was at a pop-up store called Hypewear with his friends Ganke, Brent, & Brent’s sister, a Skrull ship crashes into the store followed by a Skrull soldier posing as a NYPD officer. Miles takes some clothes from the store to hide his identity as Ganke convinces him to help stop the Skrull. Eventually another Skrull posing as Peter Parker Spider-Man arrives overwhelming Miles until Thor destroys the ship carrying other Skrulls nearby.

Miles then fights one-on-one with the Spider-Man Skrull defeating the imposter but unfortunately Brent dies from the attack. Feeling guilty he didn’t do enough to save Brent, Miles decides to use his abilities proactively eventually landing him under the mentorship of the real Peter Parker as the new Spider-Man.

This origin differs from Miles’ original history as he no longer has the inspiration of a dying Peter Parker or the death of his Uncle Aaron.



Similar to Peter Parker, Miles Morales has various superhuman abilities inspired by the characteristics of a spider. These include superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, senses, & clinging to surfaces. His strength allows him to lift over 10 tons while his enhanced senses include spider-sense which warns him of danger in a precognitive manner. In the Ultimate Universe he sometimes had precognitive dreams warning him of events in advance.

In addition to these abilities Miles also was able to blend in with his surroundings similar to invisibility & release bio-electrical energy blasts. This comes in the form of venom blasts from direct contact with him or Miles releasing an omni-directional energy burst from his body.

Before Bendis left the Spider-Man books he gave Miles the ability to generate his threads of energy similar to energized web fluid from his hands.


Depictions of Note:

Earth-616 Miles Morales (Spider-Men Storyline)

In the 2017 event called Spider-Men we’re introduced to a 616-native version of Miles Morales. He’s involved with the criminal underground and a friend of Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin. After helping with multiple crime operations, he decides to retire from the criminal world with his girlfriend Barbara Sanchez, moving to Michigan. However, Barbara dies shortly afterwards. During the events of Spider-Men 2 he gets transported to a recreated Ultimate Universe. His goal is to visit another universe with a Barbara which he accomplishes when he goes to the Ultimate Universe.


Miles Morales (Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse)

In the 2018 movie we’re introduced to an animated Miles Morales and universe based upon the Ultimate Universe. This version of Miles is similar to the original version Bendis wrote except his spider is from Alchemax of the 2099 universe & he learns to be Spider-Man thanks to the events the movie including various Spider-people from different universes. Miles Morales is voiced by actor Shameik Moore who has credits for the movie DOPE & Netflix original series The Get Down.

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