In Game of Thrones Season 4, fans were finally introduced to a mysterious figured called the Night King. Considered the main antagonists of the show, the final battle against he and his White Walkers are set to be one of the greatest television moments in the last decade. Considered the first White Walker, the Night King was once a First Man captured by the Children of the Forest.

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Using a magical ritual, they ended up turning the captured man into the being now known as the Night King. This didn’t end well for the Children of the Forest as the White Walkers turned on their makers leading to The Wall being built.

When the White Walkers were pushed back into the far north the Night King became a thing of legend. The Night King then had to slowly build an army of White Walkers and Wights until he was able to break The Wall. This seems to be where the events of Season 8 will start from based on the ending of Season 7.

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Due to the Night King being the first White Walker, it’s believed he is also the most powerful. This may be due to the experience he’s gained with his abilities compared to others over time or a byproduct of the Children of the Forest’s ritual reacting strongest with him. He’s known to be thousands of years old indicating he potentially is immortal. This would fit in with how the Night King can also reanimate the dead to serve as Wights, which can be done with physical contact or by him simply being in the vicinity.

If the Night King chooses to, he can also convert a human into a White Walker, but this was only shown on a baby so far. The Night King’s magical origins also seemed to have given him the ability to detect wargs and disrupt their warging. A non-offensive but strategic ability the Night King has is the ability to “mark” an individual, which he can use as a tracking mechanism regardless of their location. In addition to these abilities is enhanced strength and durability, making him incredibly difficult to fight against in close-combat.

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