It seems as though each episode of this series is better than the last, with this week’s episode being directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. The episode titled “Sanctuary” follows Dyn Jarren and Baby Yoda settling down on a remote planet named Sorgan, where they come across a village that has a problem with raiders. Along the way he runs into former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and convinces her to help combat the raiders.

Most will see the parallels this episode between classic films like Seven Samurai and the Magnificent Seven, but hardcore Star Wars fans will also know it’s similar to the Clone Wars episode “Bounty Hunters.” Jarren and Baby Yoda quickly become favorites among the village, and it’s ultimately unfortunate when they have to leave when the threat of more bounty hunters arises. Overall, it was a fun standalone episode that introduces us to Cara Dune, who will likely be appearing in later episodes. As always, to get my full thoughts check out the video below.

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