Thanks to Disney+ officially launching this week, we’re treated to two episodes of The Mandalorian, with Chapter 2 dropping Friday as with all future releases. It picks up right where after the bombshell ending of episode one, where it was revealed that the Mandalorian’s target is actually a 50 year old child of the same species as Yoda.

While some fans expecting an action-packed episode might be let down, this episode featured some great character development for the Mandalorian. He comes across some rival bounty hunters looking to claim “the child” for themselves, and also has a run in with a group of Jawas who strip his starship. He reluctantly return to Kuiil (Nick Nolte) for help, and the pair strike up a deal with the Jawas in exchange for his stolen parts. There’s some great reveals by the end of this episode and it sets the stage for big events to come. Overall, I had a great time with Chapter 2 and continue to be impressed by how amazing the series looks. As always for my full thoughts, be sure to check out the video below.

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