I think folks are starting to notice the trend this show is taking with the last few episodes all being relatively standalone adventures. While the first three all felt like one big movie, focusing on the Mandalorian acquiring and then delivering a package, being the Baby Yoda, these episodes have felt like filler to most.

Chapter 6 titled “The Prisoner” was directed by Rick Famuyiwa who also directed “The Child,” and it features our titular character joining a mercenary group on a rescue mission to make some quick money. He docks at a station headed up by an old colleague Ran (Mark Boone Junior) and is briefed on the objective.

Of the episodes thus far, this one has some of the best action apart from Chapter 3 and cameos from Bill Burr, Clancy Brown, and Matt Lanter among others. We also got a glimpse of what a New Republic prison ship is like and the use of X-Wing fighters. Overall, it was another solid episode, but like I mentioned earlier, these last three now definitely feel like live-action filler episodes from The Clone Wars.

Based on preview materials, it looks like the last two episodes will be a singular story featuring the introduction of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his Death Troopers. As always, for my full thoughts check out the video below.

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