As with Chapter 4, which saw the Mandalorian help a village on a backwater planet, this episode was mostly standalone, and what some might call filler. It was directed by Dave Filoni, who also oversaw the pilot, and features Dyn Jarren helping out a rookie bounty hunter for some extra money. The pair hunt a deadly assassin played by Ming Na Wen named Fennec Shand, who made her name killing for various crime syndicates, including the Hutts.

While I still enjoyed the episode, as I have with all of them so far, I did find this to be among the weaker ones. There were lots of great callbacks for Star Wars fans as the episode took place on Tatooine, and some cool changes to things we thought we knew. Most folks have already been talking about the ending, which sets up on ominous mystery character, that some are speculating will be the return of Boba Fett. As always to get my full thoughts, check out the video below.

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