TheHollywoodReporter has official word that Showtime’s live-action Halo series has now added Steven Kane as the show’s second showrunner alongside Kyle Killen. Director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of The Planet of The Apes) had recently been replaced by Peaky Blinders director Otto Bathurst (Black Mirror).

Steven Kane (TNT’s The Last Ship, The Closer) has boarded the live-action drama as co-showrunner. In his new role, Kane will serve alongside showrunner Kyle Killen (Lone Star, Awake).

The reasoning behind the hire sounds like Kyle Killen is looking to scale-back how much his workload would be on the show and it might be too big, there is a chance that he might be on his way out as well (although nothing in the report suggests the latter).

Sources say the decision to bring in a second showrunner came directly from Killen, who wanted to focus on the big-budget drama’s stateside production — including writing and producing — as he sought a partner who was able to spend the better part of a year in Budapest during physical production on Halo. Killen is expected to be on set but not full time.

While it was recently rumored that it would get a June 17th production start, THR says it’s currently undetermined when filming and casting will begin.

Character-wise Showtime has confirmed that Master Chief will appear in the series.

Showtime hasn’t announced when they plan on airing Halo.


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