Aquaman, releasing March 26th on blue-ray, was a huge step in the right direction for WB and DC Films. Besides executing on a solo adventure for an underestimated character such as Aquaman, the film introduced the world and fantastical elements of Atlantis. However, a fan-favorite moment was when Arthur emerged wielding Atlan’s Trident along with The Karathen, voiced by the legendary Julie Andrews, on his side. For some fans, they left the theaters wondering what The Karathen was and if it was from the comics.

To put it simply, The Karathen is an ancient sea monster believed to have been imprisoned by King Atlan. The truth was that she was an ancient guardian of the seas loyal to King Atlan and his forces. Measuring at two miles in length, The Karathen is able to telepathically communicate with certain Atlanteans such as Atlan and Arthur. This was what helped forge the bond between Atlan and The Karathen, leading to him to assign his last orders to The Karathen. These orders were to protect the trident from those not worthy, which is something The Karathen did for about a millennia.

With a body resembling a dragon, shrimp, squid, and leviathans, The Karathen looks like it could be a kaiju from the Pacific Rim franchise. The Karathen possesses tentacles along powerful claws to swipe and attack entire warships with ease. She can also outswim any creature along with withstanding advanced weaponry. This durability translates to her being able to emerge from the Earth’s core covered in lava without any damage. The telepathy along with near-immortality provides The Karathen great wisdom and knowledge, being able to read someone’s mind and learn their history in seconds.

With regards to inspiration, it’s widely believed the creature is inspired by various sea monsters such as The Kraken along with the amphibious monsters from Pacific Rim. It’s worth noting Arthur’s father had the book ‘Dunwich Horror’ at the Curry house. While a nice easter egg, the book features Lovecraftian entities commonly depicted deep in the oceans. While this doesn’t mean The Karathen is an Outer God or Great Old One, it could indicate a potential similar origin.

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