The CinemaCon crowd was treated to an early sneak peek of the Joker trailer yesterday and they mostly have nothing but praise for it, to the point of fawning over it.

Now, Warner Bros. has dropped it online and I think it’s safe to say those impressions were certainly accurate even to the point of the Taxi Driver comparisons. I think many of us were a little skeptical about a Joker solo origin film when the plans were first announced but that cast won me over very quickly, along with the excellent set photos that kept leaking online.

We see Arthur (Joker) played by Joaquin Phoenix trying to deal with a crime-ridden Gotham while struggling to become a standup comic and also caring for his mother. A character-driven comic book film is always welcome when I think the spectacle of the genre can overshadow these kinds of projects, it’s nice to see Warner Bros. giving space in the DC Comics release lineup for a movie like this. I’m kind of hoping they do more of these smaller pictures after seeing this trailer.

Watch the Joker trailer below and see for yourselves.

A grounded comic book movie is certainly a breath of fresh air.

I’m curious if this will be indeed a one-off thing or will we actually get to see more of this version of the Joker in future films and I think some have already made leaps that Phoenix’s Joker could interact with Matt Reeves’ Batman if the 1990s setting rumors are true.

Warner Bros. has set the release of Joker for October 4th.


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