Despite being a controversial character within the recent Star Wars trilogy, Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo has a very interesting story arc unfolding. In the force awakens, we see a younger Kylo, a young man that struggles with the force. We feel the pull of light and darkness within him. We eventually see his path down the dark side only deepen when he killed his father, Han Solo. This action and choice filled him with doubt. In that moment, We see a sense of remorse in his eyes.

We see his path unfold more so with The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson attempted to further dive into Kylo’s past and dig up old emotions, furthering our understanding of his psychology. We begin to see that Kylo is turning into a victim, Rather than a blood thirsty leader of the first order. We really see him evolve along side Rey as they share a bond that only becomes stronger as time passes. Kylo develops sympathy and a yearning for companionship. Towards the end, Rey and Kylo have team up to take down Supreme Leader Snoke, which unfortunately was short lived.

Kylo sought a new galactic order with Rey, except she refused, which caused Kylo to slip back into a bitter and deeply lost individual. Vowing to destroy Rey and Blood thirsty again, He hunts down The resistance and fights Luke which didn’t go as he’d hoped. However, that hasn’t stopped him. He’s now the new Supreme Leader of the First Order and holds all of the cards. He wanted the power and now he has it.

So what’s next for Kylo Ren? This character has had quite the journey since his introduction during The Force Awakens and as the “final” film approaches, what’s his purpose? How will his journey end? Will it have a true conclusion at all? Clearly the franchise has echoed the original films. Kylo chasing Luke and Rey nods to Darth Vader chasing Ben Kenobi and Luke around. One thing to point out with Kylo Ren and Rey is that they have an evolving bond. Something not fully explained connected them, something entrenched deep within their minds.

Based on that, we probably won’t see them being mortal enemies. General Hux may be leading the commanding forces of the First Order, only listening to Kylo Ren due to his abilities as a Force user. Yet, if something were to balance the scales and General Hux gained new confident against Kylo, what would he do? Could he have Kylo considered a traitor for the assassination of Snoke? Will he just be some rogue or galactic assassin stomping on anyone in his way? The possibilities with a character so young, powerful, and unstable are essentially endless.

With talk about his future, we have yet to really dig into The Knights of Ren. The Last Jedi reminded us that they are out there, somewhere in the cosmos. A recent prequel comics also revealed that Kylo (when still Luke’s pupil) fought with Luke Skywalker against the Knights. They are believed to be users of The Force, but, it’s unclear as to their whereabouts or their motivations. A final showdown between Rey and Kylo, along with the Knights of Ren, could be the cinematic climax Star Wars fans have been waiting for.

If such a climax were to occur, What of Kylo’s redemption? Should he be saved by Rey as Darth Vader was saved by Luke? Further echoing the original trilogy could upset fans desiring something fresh yet faithful to the characters they hold dear. We could also see Kylo redeem himself by realizing his mistakes, making peace with his confliction, and making amends. If so, Would he go into exile just as Obi-Wan, Luke and Yoda did? It’s also possible that his character attempts a sacrifice play in the end.

One thing is for certain, Kylo’s story is coming to a close, But, will it be one of joy or tragedy? What do you think of Kylo Ren’s fate in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker? Leave your comments down below and feel free to follow me at @QuantumxParadox on Twitter!

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