The deal for Disney to acquire Fox’s movie studio has hit a number of snags since it was first brought to light, and it seems that the deal may be in trouble again. The deal hasn’t gone through yet and Comcast is bidding against them with an all-cash deal of $60 Billion as opposed to Disney offering all-stock for Fox. That is where the issue lies this time. The following information comes from The Ankler’s newsletter.

This may be in part to none other than John Lasseter, the CEO of Pixar. Recently he’s been on a leave of absence in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment. That alone could be enough to negatively affect Disney’s stock, due to his and Pixar’s importance to the company with the amount of money Disney’s animation makes, but there’s more than that. Disney is actually in a tough spot with what to do about this. If they fire him, he has enough recognition and clout in the industry that another animation studio could hire him or even become the head of animation for Netflix, Hulu, or Apple. Even more than losing him to their competitors, John Lasseter could just up and start is own animation studio if he wanted to.

If Disney does lose Lasseter for any reason, then the next issue that comes up is how to replace him. If they make the wrong move it could end up costing them big time. All of this commotion around John Lasseter could end up hurting Disney stock, which was already hurt by recent film failures, and their stock is all that’s fending off Comcast right now in the deal. If something happens with this in the near future, it could essentially ruin Disney’s standing in the deal.

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