Paramount Pictures has been trying to get a writers room together for a bunch of their Hasbro projects, with Bumblebee being their very first release using this new screenwriter format. They also have plans on expanding the G.I. Joe franchise with a spin-off solo movie focused on Snake Eyes and we finally have an update on the project.

Variety now reports that Paramount is in early talks with German director Robert Schwentke to direct Snake Eyes for them. Robert might be best known for his work on the Bruce Willis action film RED.

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried when they mentioned Schwentke’s name given how iffy his track record has been since the release of RED. Movies like R.I.P.D., Insurgent, and Allegiant didn’t exactly give me the impression this was the smartest move on the part of Paramount Pictures. However, his latest film The Captain seems to show that Robert still has some serious talent in him and I’ll stay optimistic with the choice for the moment.

I’m also hoping the movie is a little less slapstick than RED.

G.I. Joe 3 is seemingly on indefinite hiatus as director DJ Caruso is going to be busy with Vin Diesel’s xXx 4 which is set to shoot in China early next year. That is unless Paramount seeks out a replacement and moves forward without Caruso, which is very likely. This update on Snake Eyes suggests they’ll likely make the spin-off first.

Paramount Pictures has yet to give Snake Eyes an official release date.



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