Last June, our pals over at ThePlaylist revealed that director Stephen Daldry had left the Obi-Wan Kenobi film in December 2017, many months before it was reported to have had happened (which would also debunk chatter Solo: A Star Wars Story’s box office had any part to play in the matter) and the project had seemingly stalled. They also suggested in that same article over the summer that Kenobi could have been saved for yet to be title streaming service, which we now know as Disney+.

To weigh in a bit more and confuse matters, here’s what I’ve heard from a Disney source, at least six months ago, but never reported and I’m going to stress I have no confirmation, so we’ll have to treat as hard rumor. I was told long ago that Stephen Daldry was off the project and not directing the Obi-Wan film. Is that why confirmation was never given, or anything was announced? It’s a good guess, but none of us really know.

I’d also heard, and granted, I found this to be fairly dubious at the time, was that the Obi-Wan film was going to be saved for Disney’s upcoming unnamed subscription-based streaming service; the one they hope to compete against Netflix with.

That Kenobi streaming series rumbling has returned via StarWarsNewsNet, in the wake of potential lists of Star Wars series the studio could be considering for the streaming service.

HN Entertainment revealed our own list that included possible show ideas being mulled over internally at Disney/Lucasfilm for characters such as Rose Tico, a young Princess Leia, Captain Phasma, The Knights of Ren, and even Darth Bane.

Disney CEO Bob Iger made it clear not too long ago they weren’t interested in making Star Wars movies for Disney+ and would be focusing more on series for the platform.

“Almost every movie the studio makes is a $100 million-plus movie, and we’re not looking to make movies at that level for the service. We’re looking to invest significantly in television series on a per-episode business, and we’re looking to make movies that are higher budget, but nothing like that. We wouldn’t make a Star Wars movie for this platform. When everybody goes out on the weekend and you have a movie that opens up to $200 million, there’s a buzz that creates that enhances value. We like that. And eventually, the movies we’re making are going to [end up on] the service.”

Nothing official has been announced concerning new Star Wars series outside of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian (to be released this fall on Disney+) and the Cassian Andor prequel series starring Diego Luna.


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