As HN Entertainment continues into 2020, we unfortunately will be saying goodbye to Nicholas Whitcomb. Starting out as a podcaster in 2014, Nick expressed great interest in the film industry and quickly became a core member of the HNE team. Nick contributed greatly to HNE’s content’s development becoming a Content Producer, then Content Manager, and most recently the Director of Content & Production. This was the role Nick has done with great effort over the last two years. After nearly six years, Nick has decided to explore other opportunities within entertainment media.

Nick led in the production of video content and graphics for HNE. He contributed to editorial features, reviews, news reports, and podcasts. He also served as a chief point-of-contact for many press events, film screenings, and comic cons where he represented HNE. Regularly, Nick managed a team of on-site content producers to secure event coverage.

Nick will be greatly missed and we wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors. You can follow Nick on twitter @Whos_Nick

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