Marvel Studios has been seeking a varied group of directors to tackle their upcoming slate, which includes those from the indie filmmaking circles and more recently those making commerical successes as well.

If Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson got a solo film for her Asgardian character Valkyrie she already has someone in mind. During a recent Q&A in London for Creed II, as pointed out by our friend Anton Volkov from Trailer Track, she wants to see director Steven Caple Jr. tackle it.

When an audience member asked Steven about doing a Marvel movie, like Creed’s Ryan Coogler, Thompson suggested he “direct the Valkyrie movie”.

A Valkyrie movie hasn’t been officially announced as being in development but anything can happen as Marvel Studios and their producers have been promosing more female-driven and diverse projects coming in the future. Tessa Thompson getting her own film for the fan-favorite MCU heroine would certainly conribute to these previous promises.

Captain Marvel and Black Widow are on the horizon along with The Eternals movie said to be told from the perspective of female member Sersi. The feeling has been they’ll be ushering-in more female focused feature films.

Another project that the female cast members have been teasing among themselves is an all-female Mavel movie. Valkyrie in the comics formed a group called The Lady Liberators, which consisted of fellow female members of The Avengers.

We’ll have to see if Valkyrie survives Avengers 4, but her chances are very good she’ll be around for years to come.

On the Steven Caple Jr. front, he hasn’t announced any official plans of what he is going to make next and with the box office success of Creed II, a third movie is very likely in the cards for him. The second film has surpassed the original’s domestic box office opening and there could be some interest from MGM Studios for Steven to return for the next installment of the Adonis saga.


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