There are some glowing early reactions for Paramount/Skydance’s Terminator: Dark Fate ahead of the film’s release date next weekend.

Our own Nicholas Whitcomb liked what he saw last night after attending an early screening.

This is good news for the future of the Terminator franchise as director Tim Miller (Deadpool) and producer James Cameron have talked-up two more installments could be coming if audiences like Dark Fate.

Projections for the film’s domestic opening weekend are looking at $40+ million, which could make this the best opening for the franchise.

The film’s success could echo to something even more interesting, that being the long-gestating Alien 5 with Sigourney Weaver reprising the Ellen Ripley role.

There are some serious similarities to Terminator: Dark Fate and Neill Blomkamp’s purposed Alien 5 starring Sigourney Weaver.

  • Linda Hamilton reprises Sarah Connor after last playing the role in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Weaver hasn’t played the Ellen Ripley role since 1997’s Alien Resurrection. There was also an expectation to bring back Michael Biehn’s Corporal Dwayne Hicks and Newt (likely recast).
  • Dark Fate/Alien 5 act as direct sequels to the second film and retcon the previous sequels as if they didn’t take place. 
  • Ripley would have passed the torch to Newt and in Dark Fate, the new characters are expected to carrying on the franchise in sequels.
  • James Cameron gave his blessings publicly to Alien 5 calling Neill Blomkamp’s script “gangbusters” and Sigourney Weaver backed the project from the start. 

Given how interested Disney is mining the existing IP at 20th Century Fox and their love of nostalgia as seen with the new Star Wars trilogy (having Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Bille Dee Williams back) bringing back Ellen Ripley wouldn’t be a strange move from Alan Horn.

The studio is reportedly still interested in making more Alien universe movies as Ridley Scott is said to be still developing his Alien: Covenant sequel according to Variety.

A third prequel, which he will direct, is in the script phase.

Ridley himself revealing to TheHollywoodReporter there are still talks happening.

Ruminating on the immediate future of the Alien franchise, now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, Scott confirms that there are discussions for future installments, but warns that if the basic premise of “the beast” does not evolve like the Xenomorph itself, the “joke” gets old

They’re also seemingly game for continuing to make R-rated franchise films as Deadpool 3 screenwriter Paul Wernick saying Marvel/Disney had promised them the character could stay in that mature universe.

Disney/Fox is also looking to shoot Kingsman 3 soon possibly in 2020 and will likely stick with the R-rating as will The King’s Man (coming out February 14th, 2020).

Currently, Joker is targeting a massive $800-900 million box office total that seemingly bucks previous conceptions that R-rated movies can’t make massive amounts of money. This could light a fire under Disney to look at R-rated Fox properties like Alien, Predator, and Die Hard sooner rather than later.

Blomkamp wasn’t the only person that attempted to make Alien 5 happen in the past, at one time, Ridley Scott and Cameron planned to partner on a fifth installment but 20th Century Fox pivoted to make Alien vs Predator instead essentially killing that version of Alien 5.

Personally, I think the way to go is to have James Cameron brought-on as a producer/godfather similar to his role with Terminator: Dark Fate and helping secure the director/writers along with giving his own creative insight to the franchise.

Jim briefly teased an interest to IGN during the premiere of Alita: Battle Angel earlier this year, but nothing concrete or official has actually happened.

IGN: Could you give Neill Blomkamp a call about Aliens, please. 

CAMERON: “I’m working on that [laughs].”

As much as I’d love to see Neill Blomkamp take another shot, he sounds like he is over the idea and is moving on with multiple other projects instead. I have faith that James could find another filmmaker if Blomkamp can’t be convinced to return.

Disney has a current working relationship with both James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver as they’ll be distributing Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5. The live-action segments currently filming at Stone Street Studios in Wellington, New Zealand.

Alien 5 and Ridley Scott’s third prequel film don’t need to be odds at each other coexisting in the same space.

Terminator: Dark Fate is set to be released on November 1st.

More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is living a simple life in Mexico City with her brother (Diego Boneta) and father when a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator – a Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) – travels back through time to hunt and kill her. Dani’s survival depends on her joining forces with two warriors: Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an enhanced super-soldier from the future, and a battle-hardened Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). As the Rev-9 ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani, the three are led to a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Sarah’s past that may be their last best hope.

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Please stop this nonsense. I hate movies which lack imagination and creativity. Dark Fate was all that plus Cameron revealed himself as a biggest hypocrite on earth (shitting all over again about killing in Alien³ characters he developed). Just stop it.


Just give us the third prequel already!

Prio Hamill
Prio Hamill

What about a mix between terminator and alien in the fifth installment?With all the actors in the same movie?I also think it should be a sequel to alien 4,anything else makes no sense :p