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Julie Andrews To Voice A Character In ‘Aquaman’

Oscar-winning actress and Disney Legend Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) is headed to the big screen this December, and it won't be for Mary Poppins...

‘Aquaman’s Final Trailer Makes A Splash

The next big DC Comics film will be released on December 21st with James Wan's Aquaman, and the studio has dropped a final trailer...

‘Aquaman’ Behind The Scenes Featurette Highlights The Scale of The Shoot

Warner Bros. has released an interesting new featurette for James Wan's Aquaman focusing on the shoot of the film that primarily took place in Gold...

Aquaman Director Explains Strategy For Underwater Dialogue

As director of the upcoming stand-alone film, Aquaman, James Wan was faced with a dilemma. In the production of Justice League, conversations below surface...