The latest original series coming to DC Universe this Friday is Swamp Thing, a bayou themed horror drama, inspired by Alan Moore’s seminal run. It’s also got a lot of noteworthy talent involved, including executive producer James Wan. In terms of DC Universe series, I haven’t been super impressed so far. Their launch series Titans I found to be kind of a mess in terms of tone and characterization, and I still haven’t gotten around to starting the widely praised Doom Patrol, but my interest was definitely there for Swamp Thing.

He’s a character I’ve always wanted to see brought to life with a modern adaptation, especially because they could delve further into his inherent weirdness. My first impressions after having viewed the first two episodes, were that they have done the character justice. Len Wiseman did a tremendous job directing and was able to pull off some great practical creature effects work.

Image via Warner Bros.

The standout cast member was easily Andy Bean, who grips you right away with his energetic portrayal of Alec Holland. It’s almost a shame when he does become Swamp Thing because it means it’s the end of his fun performance. Speaking of performances though, I can’t wait to see more of Derek Mears who portrays Swamp Thing. Overall, I had a great time with these first episodes. There was some controversy before they went out, after production got cut short early, but it might end up for the best. As always, be sure to check out the video below for more thoughts.

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