Power Rangers are officially getting the big-screen treatment again, but it comes at a cost. Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery has revealed via a Reddit AMA that a new film is in the works with an all-different cast.

Once a upon a time, in 2017, the Power Rangers were brought to theater audiences worldwide. It starred a young cast that included Naomi Scott, Becky G, Ludi Lin, RJ Cycler, and Dacre Montgomery’s Red Ranger. Due to the mediocre critical and financial response, a sequel was put on ice and the cast went on their separate ways to star in several high-profile properties including Aladdin and Stranger Things.

Since then, it’s been a slippery slope for fans waiting for another installment in the franchise. However, Montgomery has now confirmed the studio is working on a new film, but there’s a huge catch.

“I think there is a [Power Rangers] movie in the works but it’s not with me and the cast. So yes [another Power Rangers movie will take place], but not with us.”

Although it wasn’t a popular film, the 2017 pic pleased some hardcore fans of the long-running property. The filmmakers tried to deliver something true to the Power Rangers but also new and different for the current generation. It had big fighting robots, Iron Man-like suits, and lots of teenagers interacting, yet it didn’t click with most audiences.

The one major negative of doing a reboot is losing their cast, which people have grown to appreciate despite the film’s downfalls. It may have only grossed $142 million on a $100 million budget, but the cast isn’t at fault.

The shift to a reboot is not actually much of a surprise since Paramount/Hasbro gained reign over the Power Rangers from Lionsgate, the studio behind the 2017 film. No creative talent is currently attached, so it can’t be said how far into development the studio is in at this point.


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