The Mandalorian has produced a lot of buzz and excitement over the internet ahead of its release. In anticipation, here at HNE, we thought now would be a good time to explore the George Lucas TV series Star Wars: Underworld…the show that never was. Star Wars: Underworld was a live-action television series that would have taken place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. George Lucas first announced the series during the 2005 Star Wars Celebration. Numerous writers were hired, over fifty scripts had been written, and art designers tried bringing Lucas’ ideas to life. Sadly, nothing ever progressed enough to start filming.
The plot had an interesting angle compared to previous Star Wars installments. Set primarily on Coruscant, it would’ve shown the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe. During the period when the Galactic Empire rises to ultimate power throughout the galaxy. The show would not focus on any lead characters from the films, although Lucas shared that some of them could appear. He said, “A lot of the issues from the films are connected, but you won’t necessarily see a lot of the people that are connected.” He later described the show as “bare-bones” and “action-heavy” He also explained that it would depict what people do for a living day today.
Lucas had an idea for a 100-hour show with a lot of characters that we haven’t met but that have been previously introduced in novels and comic books. The series was expected to feature minor characters from both the films and the Expanded Universe—with possible cameos by some of the main characters. The idea was for it to be darker and grittier with more character development. In 2014, Stephen Scaia revealed that he had been a writer for the series, and was involved in several story developments, including how Lando Calrissian lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo, how Solo and Chewbacca’s first met and action scenes with Boba Fett. Stephen Scaia wrote, “It was going to tell the story of a different part of the Star Wars universe that you didn’t exactly know, and then it was going to slowly fold back into the characters that you knew and loved.”
Lucas had hoped to give each episode the look of a feature film, with feature-level production values and visual effects on a television budget. In 2005, Lucas stated his intention was to shoot the series using consumer-level cameras to save on budget, but, this didn’t blow over well as his producers wanted a higher level of cameras such as high def. According to rumors, Lucas wanted a 20 million dollar production by only spending 1 million or less. That wasn’t an option as each episode was estimated between 2 and 4 million. In 2010, During a screening of The Empire Strikes Back in Chicago, Lucas announced that the series was “on hold” due to budget concerns.
He explained that the series was too expensive and that they would have to wait for the technology to further develop so they could keep costs lower. At last, it has been years since we’ve heard any real word on what happened to those 50 scripts that were written. Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated that the studio has looked at all Star Wars material in recent years including Star Wars: Underworld.
It’s rumored that The Mandalorian may have taken some material from those scripts, but, only time will really tell…Would you have liked to watch Star Wars: Underworld? Leave your comments down below and feel free to follow me at @QuantumxParadox on Twitter!

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