One of the greatest additions to Star Wars canon, The Clone Wars will be returning on the Disney+ platform. Scheduled for 12 episodes in total, this upcoming installment of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will serve as a proper final season. The first five seasons premiered on Cartoon Network with a sixth “the lost missions” season distributed on Netflix. Most likely, this final season will provide connective tissue to events that occurred in Star Wars: Rebels. The final season, leaked on Disney’s website via a promo video, is set to appear on Disney+ on Monday, February 17th.

Hopefully, Disney will release a more official announcement since that date is essentially a month away. There’s also no knowledge of the distribution format, whether it’s a binge-style delivery or weekly episodes. Either way, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is expected to be another Star Wars-related hit for the Disney+ platform after the breakout success of The Mandalorian. What do you think of Star Wars: The Clone Wars finally receiving a proper send-off? Leave your comments down below and feel free to follow me at @JBaldera27 on Twitter!

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