Months after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans of the series have an eye towards the future. Still, the plot for Star Wars: Episode 9 is still shrouded in mystery. Who knows if the script is even completed? But with filming set to begin in just a couple of months, we might finally have learned the overarching plot of the movie thanks to a new leak. 

As with every leak we report on, take this with many, many grains of salt for a couple of reasons. First, this far out nothing is set in stone and certain. Second, more often than not, these do turn out to be bogus. Despite that, several have been accurate over the years. 

So, why believe this one? Well, the leaker in question has a pretty uncanny track record. Last year he posted an Episode 8 leak to reddit and accurately predicted the death of Snoke at the hands of Kylo Ren. In the same leak he correctly called that Luke in the film would be bitter and have cut himself off from the force. 

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But the new post provides another wrinkle. Even if it is accurate, there’s also some speculation that the storyboard from which this alleged leak arises might come from before Colin Trevorrow departed the film, specifically because Leia has a major role in this story. As we know that cannot be the case due to Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing, that alone would result in significant changes. With that in mind, and maybe a little more confident about what you’re going to hear, let’s dive right in. 

The leak confirms that Episode 9 will, as has been rumored for a few weeks now, open with a time jump. In fact, the film takes place 5 years after the events of The Last Jedi, which took place just minutes after The Force Awakens. 

In the years past, Kylo Ren is now the public face of the First Order and its Supreme Leader. Surprisingly, this transition and the years since have led to public opinion shifting massively and favoring the First Order, with the vast majority of the galaxy seeing Kylo’s rule as benevolent. Even some in the Resistance question why they still fight. 

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But the Resistance remains, and the core group of Poe, Finn, and Rey (and yes, Leia) still fights as they know and firmly believe that the First Order isn’t what it seems. Into this confusing time, the Resistance is contacted by a mole, who claims to have information that will expose the First Order. 

That secret is that the First Order is in control of an underwater manufacturing complex on a planet in the unknown regions, which is being manned by slaves from planets the First Order has conquered across the galaxy. 

The mole? Well, maybe unsurprisingly, he’s revealed to be none other than General Hux, who’s hoping that the revelation will allow him to usurp the throne, and finally bring down his long-time rival. This revelation ultimately culminates in a galactic showdown between the planets loyal to the First Order and the Resistance, with the help of the outer rim and unknown regions, who have finally decided to step up against the First Order’s secret tyranny. 

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But in the Jedi-centric side of the story, we learn that in the years since, Rey has founded her own Jedi Order made up of force sensitive people from across the galaxy. They came to her both for training and to hide from the Knights of Ren, who are hunting force users down. 

Rey and Kylo still have the telepathic connection that Snoke created between them, strengthened as the two have gotten stronger in the force in the time that’s passed. The tension between them hasn’t lessened since The Last Jedi, and it’s said that the two definitely have feelings for each other. But the big twist of the movie is that one of Rey’s students is actually her son, a revelation which makes Kylo so furious he nearly kills her only to be stopped by Leia. It isn’t revealed who the father is, but Kylo’s reaction makes it seem like it’s not him. 

That’s where the leak ends, so really more of a plot overview than a breakdown of the whole plot. Again, this is likely an older script, either from the Trevorrow era or just after Abrams took over. This really highlights the dilemma they’re in with Leia, as she definitely did play a sizeable part in this version of the film. 

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