As the man responsible for the creation of iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers, Stan Lee is one of the greatest minds in the history of entertainment. The monumental success that Marvel has endured over recent years is due in large part to his brilliance. But recently, the 95-year old comic book legend has been at the center of a power struggle between some of those closest to him.

With Lee aging, several men have attempted to use his 67-year old daughter J.C. Lee to try and establish some sort of control over Lee’s life and estate. His former road manager Max Anderson, and former publicist/caretaker Jerry Olivarez, have been reported as involved in the dilemma, allegedly only for their own financial gain. Last week, Lee alleged that he was the victim of elder abuse, and cited Keya Morgan as his one and only caretaker, and trustworthy spokesperson.

However, a lot can change in a week, as Morgan was arrested two days ago on suspicion of filing a false police report. Lee has since filed, and now been granted, a temporary restraining order against Morgan.

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“[Stan] Lee’s health has notable declined in recent months,” The Hollywood Reporter writes. “And his memory is in poor shape.” Joan, Lee’s wife of 70 years, passed away in 2017. In the months since, numerous celebrities have expressed concern for the Marvel icon. Notably, writer, actor, director and comic book mega-fan Kevin Smith offered for Lee to come live with him, in an effort to get him out of the seemingly dire situation.

Back in February, Lee signed a declaration that claimed his daughter had demanded money from him and that changes be made to her trust. He also claimed that she insisted that men with “bad intentions” be involved with his life, with the goal of gaining “control over my assets, property, and money.” However, he later refuted some of the claims in the document in a Twitter video. Since the restraining order has been granted, LAPD has opened an elder abuse investigation, along with Tom Lallas now assuming the role of Lee’s guardian and caretaker.

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