We previously heard from producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller about potential film/television projects featuring Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse supporting character Spider-Ham, voiced by comedian John Mulaney.

Now, franchise producers Amy Pascal and Avi Arad have revealed to VanityFair they’re also very much interested in more of Spider-Ham. Considering Pascal is mostly feature focused, we’d assume they would be talking about a movie featuring Mr. Peter Porker.

The producers are especially thrilled by the spin-off potential of John Mulaney’s Looney Tunes–esque Spider-Ham: “Of course! You can imagine how much the kids love that character,” Pascal explained. “Yeah,” longtime Spider-Man producer Avi Arad added. “We want piggy.”

Spider-Ham started off mostly a parody character from 1983 and has certainly been one of the more bizarre Marvel creations, even if he was meant as an inside joke one-shot. How they could tackle a solo spin-off would certainly be different than what they have planned with the other Spider-Verse projects.

Pascal also recently confirmed plans for a sequel along with the Spider-Women spin-off featuring a roster that includes Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider, Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman, and Cindy Moon’s Silk. The assumption is that considering how much time it takes to complete an animated film they’ll be moving plans into motion at Sony Animation sooner rather than later.

It’s officially unknown if Sony will, in fact, make a feature with Mulaney’s Spider-Ham while they sound very interested in continuing the character with him as the voice.


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