Producer Amy Pascal is personally overseeing the Spider-Man franchise at Sony Pictures, including the solo films that are being made by Marvel Studios. It sounds like Feige’s understanding of the source material has perhaps rubbed-off on Pascal with her recent choices concerning Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse which has allowed them to expand upon the Spidey Universe without a cumbersome amount of restrictions that a live-action feature would present. An animation world gives them many more ways to introduce the various incarnations of these heroes and villains. 

It’s been reported that Spider-Verse is not only getting a sequel, but also an all-female spin-off film featuring Spider-Gwen among the roster. Amy Pascal has confirmed the lineup for the film and the film’s existence to VanityFair. The team according to Amy will include Gwen, Cindy Moon aka Silk, and Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. 

The Gwen and Miles adventure will serve as a launching pad for another Gwen-centric tale: Pascal also confirmed that a previously announced Spider-Women spin-off, written by Bek Smith, will feature Spider-Gwen and Cindy Moon (a.k.a. Silk) as well as Jessica Drew (a.k.a. Spider-Woman).

Silk is a newer incarnation with an Asian-American heroine Cindy Moon that would be perfect as she would likely skew a little older than Japanese character Peni Parker. While Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman dates back to 1977, a former HYDRA agent turned SHIELD/SWORD agent. Drew in the more recent comics has been visibly pregnant.

Like with Spider-Verse, that lineup could grow to include other female Spider-Women such as Julia Carpenter (Arachne), Anya Sofia Corazon (Spider-Girl), and May Reilly (Lady Spider).

Release dates for the spin-off or sequel have yet to be announced by Sony Pictures. 


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