Sony Pictures and Swedish director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Life) are currently casting the lead and supporting roles for their upcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie Morbius The Living Vampire starring Oscar-winner Jared Leto in the titular role.

HN Entertainment has a bit of a production update on the spin-off.

We’ve been able to confirm from sources that Morbius The Living Vampire will indeed be shooting in the United Kingdom, most likely London where Spider-Man: Far From Home was recently shot earlier in the year. It remains to be seen if they’ll still attempt to shoot in Atlanta as previously thought as there is a solid chance the film could be set mostly in Europe (Far From Home shot in Italy and the Czech Republic). That’s if London isn’t doubling for New York City again.

I first mentioned the UK as a potential filming location on OmegaUnderground and was able to confirm the locale last month. Further information uncovered has bolstered the confirmation.

Trying to rid himself of a rare blood disease Dr. Michael Morbius attempts an experimental treatment that inadvertently transforms him into a living vampire that must feed on human blood to survive.

Morbius, in the comics, starts out as an antagonist to superhero Spider-Man to only elevate his status to anti-hero joining horror superhero teams such as the Midnight Sons and Legion of Monsters. He would eventually fight alongside Spider-Man, Venom, Blade, and other Marvel characters.

It was recently reported by the trades that actress Adria Arjona is in talks for the role of Martine Bancroft, Morbius’ love interest and a vampire herself. Her recent projects include Triple Frontier, Michael Bay’s 6 Underground, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and HBO’s True Detective.

Filming is expected to begin sometime in February and will likely wrap in the summer.

The production team assembled for Morbius includes cinematographer Oliver Wood (Safe House, Bourne trilogy, The Equalizer 2), production designer Stefania Cella (White Boy Rick, Lucy In The Sky aka Pale Blue Dot), 2nd unit director/stunt coordinator Gary Powell (Skyfall, Jason Bourne, Spectre, Casino Royale), and art director Martin Gendron (Venom, Punisher: War Zone).

Sony Pictures has yet to give Morbius an official release date but we’re thinking with filming eyeing a completion in the summer, it’ll likely take that Sony/Marvel release spot on July 10th, 2020.

This would mean that the October 2nd, 2020 date is more than likely meant for Venom 2. While it’s been confirmed a sequel is in development stages at Sony, nothing official has been announced concerning a director or screenwriter.


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