At one time, there had been feature film plans for Spider-Man villain super-team the Sinister Six with Cabin In The Wood’s Drew Goddard (The Martian) set to write and direct. The project was ultimately killed when the Sony/Marvel deal led to the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise with actor Tom Holland after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had an extremely poor reception. The reboot at Marvel Studios led to the erasing the incarnations of the villains that were being set up for Goddard’s Sinister Six movie. Leaving the project in development limbo, which happens from time-to-time in Hollywood.

However, there seems to be still interest in Goddard making Sinister Six. Producer Amy Pascal revealed to VanityFair that they’re still waiting for Drew Goddard to be ready to make it and call them. Keep in mind, Goddard had recently been filming his follow-up to Cabin with Bad Times At The El Royale and might still be tackling an X-Force movie at some point. He has been a busy lately.

Though Pascal and the rest are still waiting to see how Into the Spider-Verse fares at the box office, its awards-friendly buzz—coupled with the outsized success of Venom—means that Pascal’s previously shelved plans for Spider-Man could actually come to fruition in the live-action domain as well. Sinister Six, an all-Spider-Man-villain team-up movie based on an old script by Drew Goddard, is very much alive in Pascal’s mind: “I’m just waiting for Drew to be ready to direct it. I would do anything with Drew Goddard. I’m just waiting for him to tell me he wants to,” she said. Goddard himself seemed game as recently as October.

In October, while promoting his film Bad Times At The El Royale, director Drew Goddard sounded open to the idea of returning to Sinister Six when speaking with TheHollywoodReporter. The Venom movie got a second chance from Sony and it has turned out a massive success for the studio, Sinister Six could be a similar story if handled the right way.

It was really fun. I wouldn’t have done it had I not thought there was a real opportunity to do something different and exciting and just flat-out bananas. It was very much me and — a much more commercial version of — the Cabin mentality. The punk rock mentality that led to Cabin is very much at the core of Sinister Six. That’s a fun one. Who knows, it could see the light of day. 

At the very least, the Marvel Studios films have been steadily introducing members of the team in a very short time. Characters such as Michael Keaton’s Vulture, Michael Mundo’s Scorpion, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. Kraven The Hunter is also getting his own solo movie, who just happens to be another Sinister Six member. That said if Sinister Six does get made it sounds like it most certainly would be set in the MCU.

Sony is plenty busy with their Spider-Man spin-off movies as Morbius begins shooting early next year along with stuff like Venom 2, Kraven, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Nightwatch, and Jackpot movies in varying levels of development.


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