Spidey fever is currently at its height this weekend as the film is estimated to have earned a massive $580 million globally ($185 million of that domestically and $167.4 million from China).

I think most fans are curious who will Spider-Man face next after tackling the Vulture/Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming and now Mysterio in this latest installment?

Uproxx was able to recently speak with Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts about the possibilities of future villains, I assume trying to get a nugget of information for the yet-to-be-announced Spider-Man 3.

While there had been plenty of rumblings of how Norman Obsborn could join these movies, Watts has said this when Norman and Harry being possibility was brought up.

WATTS: “Well, there are a lot of Spider-Man stories to tell and it’s just finding out the right time to tell them.” 

It’s starting to sound like they’re not terribly interesting is covering villains they’ve already tackled in the other movies, like the Osborns.

WATTS: “I mean, yeah, I always just try to start with what haven’t we seen before? And there’s so many Spider-Man villains. But, no, I don’t know who’s next. I always like to think about it in terms of what’s going to be the most difficult thing for Peter. So that’s going to be the next trick.”

And if it was up to Jon to add the next villain?

WATTS: “Oh, I would love Kraven. It’s just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?”

Landing Kraven might be easier said than done, as Sony is currently developing a solo feature film and make things complicated. Watts isn’t the only Marvel Studios director that has interested in the Spider-Man baddie. Ryan Coogler wanted to use Kraven in the first installment of Black Panther, Sony would be smart to allow Marvel cast and boost that character before giving him a solo flick.

Kraven wasn’t the only villain he potentially teased during the press rounds. While speaking with DigitialSpy hints that while they weren’t able to figure out how to use Vulture and Scorpion in Spider-Man: Far From Home, they’re still out there and could return at some point.

WATTS: “We never really found the right moment to do something like that. It’s always just about it being right for the story and not just some sort of shoehorned-in cameo.”

“But I do love the idea that they’re both still out there, and I like the idea that as we move forward with these films, we’re building out this rich world that we can continually draw from.”

I think we know where Michael Mando stands about reprising the Scorpion role via this tweet.

A great reason to bring back folks like Scorpion and Vulture would be forming The Sinister Six, as putting together the supervillain team would be much more than a shoehorned cameo which Watts wasn’t terribly interested in.

Spider-Man 3 hasn’t been made official but there is a good chance that Sony Pictures is going to want Marvel to fast-track the next installment. It remains to be seen if Kevin Feige will announce it as part of the Phase 4 plans next week at San Diego Comic-Con.


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