Despite multiple fumbles and delays, there is an expectation that Sony’s live-action Masters of The Universe movie could indeed be moving forward, similar to another embattled Sony Pictures project, Uncharted. 

ProductionWeekly claims that the working title for the film is Adam, a nod to Prince Adam the regular persona of He-Man without having the Power of Greyskull. 

Filming was originally going to be taking place in Prague, the Czech Republic with The Nee Brothers directing and Noah Centineo starring. 

Sony Pictures recently took the film off their official release schedule after giving the film a release date of March 5th, 2021. Their Uncharted movie taking that March 2021 spot instead. 

Back in October, TheHollywoodReporter posted information pointing to the project landing at Netflix which would suggest it likely won’t be getting a theatrical released. 

This was before the film was completely taken off their schedule. 

But while the picture is on the calendar for release in March 2021, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that studio chairman Tom Rothman is exploring the prospect of getting risk-free cash for the pricey project by making it for Netflix instead. A studio source says talks are preliminary, but such a deal would make Sony the next studio after Paramount to start making movies belonging exclusively or almost exclusively to the streamer.

Netflix is already in the He-Man business with their upcoming sequel series Masters of The Universe: Revelation from Kevin Smith, which just got an official voice cast that includes Star Wars’ Mark Hamill and Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey. 


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