The other day Sony Pictures and Sony Animation announced that the sequel to the Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse would be releasing on April 8th, 2022.

Well, that original announcement might have been revealing more than just the release date as there are multiple logos shown that just might be hinting what variations of the character could be appearing in the sequel.

Keep in mind these are simply our guesses.

IRON SPIDER (MARY JANE WATSON/AARON DAVIS): We know that Mary Jane Watson exists in Miles’ world and is recent comics she’s has taken over the Iron Spider mantle.

Sony is developing an all-female spinoff so having MJ as Iron Spider could help add to that roster.

The Iron Spider persona has also had Miles’ uncle Aaron Davis aka The Prowler in the suit, which could be a reason to bring back voice actor Mahershala Ali.


COSMIC SPIDER-MAN: This one is a little more tricky but I have to believe this is for Cosmic Spider-Man.

Another option could be Future Foundation Spider-Man, but it would be hard for Sony to use characters like that without the permission of Kevin Feige/Marvel.




This one seems like a given as the fan-favorite future version of Spider-Man has appeared in video games and comic books alike.

Miguel O’Hara would be an easy character to see show up and someone I think most Spider-Man fans assume will show-up and could be just as popular as Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir.


JESSICA DREW AKA SPIDER-WOMAN: The coloring of the symbol would obviously suggest Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman.

A character that could easily be introduced to help ramp-up excitement for Sony’s all-female spinoff to Into The Spider-Verse they’re developing.

Another option could be the X-Men version of Spider-Man since Parker is actually technically a mutant because the spider bite mutated Miles’ DNA (just like with Peter Parker) and one of the Spider-Verse logos seemingly has a yellow X-Men logo behind it because of certain angles.

However, Sony likely won’t have the film rights to use the X-Men in their animated film.


CINDY MOON AKA SILK: We know that an all-female Spider-Verse spinoff is on the way and there had been reports of Sony Pictures developing a Silk (Cindy Moon) spinoff film and it would be smart to introduce the character before that spinoff.

Cindy would certainly be expected just like Miguel.

CASSANDRA WEBB AKA MADAME WEBB: There have been rumblings that a Madame Webb movie is being developed and having her show up wouldn’t be shocking.

Interesting enough, this logo is seemingly one that has a distinct web.

Webb would be an excellent addition as you could have her assemble the different Spider-People from different universes without the use of technology, as that would be in her power-set.


HUSKY SPIDER-MAN OR ITALIAN SPIDER-MAN: Now we’re getting more in the big swing realm of guessing with more of the weirder stuff we could end up seeing.

First, up is that this logo is thicker than the other ones and could hint overweight Spider-Man.

This could also be hinting to Italian Spider-Man, who is sporting a few extra pounds.

There is another logo that has the Italian flag colors.

Some other characters that could be teased in the logos might be Hobart Brown aka Spider-Punk and Anya Corazon/Mayday Parker aka Spider-Girl.

Who do you think these logos are hinting to? Let us known below in the comments section.

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