Peter Parker will stray far from home once again. According to Deadline, the famous Sony-Marvel deal that let Spider-Man into the MCU will not be renewed amidst a falling out between the studio and Disney.

Although it may not be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the report adds that they are still planning to make at least two more films with Tom Holland and director Jon Watts returning. However, due to Disney not being able to cut a new agreement in regards to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this means Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will no longer have any creative control over the character.

The news comes just after Spider-Man: Far From Home, produced by Feige himself, became Sony’s biggest film in the box office in the studio’s history. The film will have a re-release soon in theaters in order to hit the $400 million dollar mark.

A deal could not reportedly be reached due to a disagreement with how the Spidey-led films would be financed between both Sony and Disney, as well as how the latter would benefit from the profits at the box office. The big mouse wanted to co-finance future Spider-Man films in a 50/50 agreement, one that would have potentially also count for other films in the Spider-Man universe (or SUMC, as they like to call it) and bring them into the MCU. In addition to flat-out turning that down, Sony also wanted to keep the current arrangement in which Marvel receives in the range of 5% of first-dollar gross, to which Disney was against.

As the story develops, we will update if either studio confirms the news in a more official matter.


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