HN Entertainment can now confirm that art director Brandt Gordon will be joining Netflix’s upcoming comic book series Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the Mark Millar comics. The series will be directed and shownrun by Daredevil’s Steven DeKnight (Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Jupiter’s Legacy centers on the world’s first generation of superheroes, who gained their powers in the 1930s. The series is set in the present day and follows the elder statesmen of the superhero world, as well as their children.

Gordon’s credits as an art director include feature films such as Shazam!, Suicide Suicide, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Kick-Ass, and Crimson Peak.

We recently revealed that learned that the production team includes production designer Zack Golber (Westworld, Lost) and costume designer Lizz Wolf (Pacific Rim: Uprising, Spectral, Expendables 1-3). Seeing mostly film people getting involved in the production team could speak to the quality that Netflix is aiming for.

The comic book series is also set to wrap filming on December 4th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, something else we’ve reported not too long ago.

The show’s main cast includes Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson aka The Utopian, Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson aka Brain-Wave, Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson aka Lady Liberty, Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson, and Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson.

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date but Jupiter’s Legacy drop in 2020.


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