Shazam! is looking like it will indeed open larger than early projections had predicted as BoxOfficeMojo states the DC Comics film will be looking at an estimated $53.4 million for its domestic opening weekend. Since it has a budget of $90-100 million it won’t take too much for the film to get where it needs to land a sequel, but it will have some international competition very soon from the upcoming juggernaut Avengers: Endgame. On the global front, it’s made $158.7 million.

Also, there is some really good news for Jordan Peele’s Us as the horror film has earned over $216 million worldwide and giving Universal/Blumhouse another hefty box office win. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Peele will be continuing his relationship with Universal/Blumhouse and making more original films because they are making the studio a lot of money with very little investment compared to other studio budgets with Us only costing $20 million to make.

Disney’s Dumbo opened last week to $46 million domestically and this weekend has also crossed $200 million globally, but with a budget of over $170 million, there is a chance it could make what it needs to turn a profit but with Shazam! and Avengers: Endgame knocking it out of overseas screens it’ll be a tough battle.

Paramount’s Pet Sematary remake also had a solid domestic opening weekend as well with $25 million on a budget of $21 million means the film will end up in the profit zone in no time. I think the lesson of the last couple of years has been if you make a horror film with the right level of production budget it doesn’t matter if your film opens against a big studio superhero film it has a chance to still make some good money.

2019 has been putting some strong box office numbers so far and seems like some big studio wins are on the horizon.


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