It’s official!

The fourth season of Rick and Morty is set to begin airing this November as the announcement was made at the WarnerMedia upfronts and reaffirmed by the show’s Instagram account and Adult Swim’s YouTube channel.

Rick Sanchez, a depressed, alcoholic, abusive, madman (who also happens to be a genius scientist with the ability to travel through dimensions) returns to his daughter Beth’s life after two decades of being silent between the two. He finds her married to an incompetent, pathetic man named Jerry, and the couple has two teenage kids Summer and Morty. Rick makes Morty his sidekick and takes him on hilarious Interdimensional adventures, causing poor Morty to become steadily more miserable due to Rick’s insane, abusive, and careless attitude.

About a year ago, Adult Swim announced they would be renewing the science fiction series for a massive 70-episode order. This deal gave an expectation we’ll be seeing Rick and Morty continue until at least Season 10, given that each season has 10-episodes.


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