We actually don’t know anything about the plans for Marvel Studios’ main X-Men film and Kevin Feige only briefly mentioned mutants during the Hall H presentation yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con.

However, he did promise while speaking with IGN that the film will be “quite different” from the previous Fox movies.

FEIGE: “Mutants and X-Men are interchangeable, I just said mutants. But yes, anything we do will be quite different than what’s been done before”

I’m not entirely sure what that means or if he’s generally stating they’re actually going finally make an X-Men film that fans of the 1990s run (most popular in publishing history) and the popular Fox animated series might recognize.

As John Byrne, Chris Claremont, and Jim Lee era lineups are certainly going to stuff fans are expecting to get adapted and those iconic Jim Lee costumes would actually work really well in the MCU, in my humble opinion.

Feige has previously stated that the X-Men don’t factor into their five-year plan at the moment which could mean they won’t even be part of Phase 5, despite the awesome shoutout yesterday in Hall H.


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