It doesn’t look like Marvel Studios is going to stop with having the first Asian and Muslim actors leading superheroes as Kevin Feige has revealed to Collider that Valkyrie will indeed be LGBTQ in Thor: Love and Thunder and that Eternals indeed have a character as well (previously rumored they’d have a gay lead).

FEIGE: “Does that need to be confirmed? I think that was always the case…Yes, that’s the case, and will be the case not just with [Valkyrie] but with other characters in some of the movies we talked about today.”

When asked directly about the rumor of a gay/LGBTQ character showing up in Eternals.

FEIGE: “Yes.”

During the Thor: Love and Thunder panel, Tessa Thompson referred to herself as the King of New Asgard and suggested she would be looking for her queen.

The candidates for Eternals seemingly could include Richard Madden’s Ikaris, now that Ikaris and Sersi love plot was debunked when it was revealed that Angelina Jolie is actually playing Thena.

There is also the possibility of Eros aka Starfox or Hercules being played by an openly gay actor. I have my fingers crossed for a high-profile actor like Luke Evans taking either role.

Considering not all the characters/actors have been announced for the film it might not even be someone on that stage, given that the rumor has been they’re looking for an openly gay actor for a role in the film.

Eternals aka Sack Lunch begins filming this September at Pinewood Studios UK with a release date of November 6th, 2020.

Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to begin shooting in the fourth quarter of 2020 with a release date of November 5th, 2021.


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