During a sit down with MTVNews to talk about her final season of The Walking Dead, actress Danai Gurira revealed that while she has zero details to share about Marvel’s Black Panther 2.

However, has been told by writer/director Ryan Coogler that her character Okoye (becoming a fan-favorite) will officially be returning.

GURIRA: “Listen, literally I have no information. That’s the beauty of our conversation right now, my brain is vacant. Mr. Coogler says “Tell them we’re working hard and you’re in it.”

While Black Panther 2 was given a small shoutout during the Phase 4 slate presentation at San Diego Comic-Con by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, the film has been revealed to be only in the early stages of a script outline with an expectation it won’t be ready to shoot until 2021 making it one of the Phase 5 projects.

Considering the box office juggernauts Black Panther and Captain Marvel were as the solo debuts each earned over a billion dollars each, it was expected they would take their time and care into developing quality sequels with so much money on the table.


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